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    I have been using the Magic flight for some time and have found it the best value for money vaporizer on the market. I was able to get hold of their new mains adapter recently and I have now made MFLB my vaporizer of choice at home as well as being my favourite portable unit (fabulous for concerts etc...).
    As I live in a little corner of Spain there are often times when that all that is available is good quality hash. The MFLB adapter tray makes using it simple enough but the batteries were getting drained real quick as the heat needed is higher and for longer than for marijuana. This beautiful little mains adapter solves the problems perfectly. Highly recommended. Well done MFLB.
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    That's good news. I hear nothing but good things about the MFLB. So to hear that they have improved it is great. Thanks for sharing.


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      MFLB is an impressive little device that will certainly fill that portability gap for many. It has a portability and quick use, this thing is freaking awesome. There is a curve to learning it but that's no different than anything else.


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        MFLB is a noteworthy little gadget that will positively fill that transportability hole for a lot of people. It has a compactness and speedy utilize, this thing is cracking wonderful. There is a bend to learning it however that is the same than whatever else might be available.


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          Brilliant! please suggestion me the brilliant gadget reviews thanks in advance.
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