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Which are your Top 5 Vaporizers?

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  • Which are your Top 5 Vaporizers?

    There are many good vaporizers you can buy so it is not an easy decision to choose the right vaporizer. Please let us know which are your top 5 vaporizers and the reasons why.

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    I cant say much about vaporizer because I have only recently got my hands on one. I have bought the vapogenie and I have to say.. I like this vaporizing stuff! It doesn't leave the mouth with a bad taste nor smell and it feels like a fresh clean smoke.
    The part that I love the most is that you use a whole lot less weed! saves you a ton of money!

    I am looking into buying a more advanced vaporizer but for now I am good. Just lingering and keeping my eyes open


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      Last year i have used 2 vaporizer
      • Volcano
      • Pen Max

      I think it also better for me this
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        my top 5 are the volcano digit vaporizer, the arizer extreme q, the arizer solo, the WISPR 2 and this lesser known vaporizer called the vapirrise! especially for a group of people the rise is amazing, since you can use it with four people at the same time! i think it's the only vaporizer designed for groups. check it out below


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          I just bought the CRATER dry herb vaporizer, which is in fact the European version of Pax Ploom, but with a different brand name. I couldn't be happier with this purchase as it's a bit cheaper than Pax, it cost £139 and it's available in Europe, it's covered by lifetime warranty instead of 10 years warranty. The quality is amazing, it's discreet and very effective. I used it in pubs, on the train and restaurants without being noticed. I couldn't recommend anything better than this for European consumers. Their website is:


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            This my Top 5 vaporizer lists:
            Arizer Solo Vaporizer - because it is easy and fun to use
            Pax Vaporizer - it has a sleek, stylish, and durable design and a great choice for on-the-go usage
            Da Vinci - is has a digital temperature control system that allows the user to adjust the temperature quickly and easily.
            Herbalizer - just awesome!
            Haze Vaporizer - it has a dual bowl, allowing the user to vaporize dried herbs, concentrates, and oils interchangeably.


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              For sitting around at home I've never found a vape that I like more than the volcano. I don't like spending much time sitting on the couch though so I needed a good alternative for vaping away from home. As far as porable vapes go I've tried the Atmos, and Snoop Dogg G Pen but quickly learned they aren't true vaporizers. I landed on the Pax which i've found to be the best true vaporizer that's also super portable.


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                Mighty by Storz & Bickel - I've had the pax 2, fire fly 2, and also own a volcano. The mighty is imo the best overall for portability and comes just behind the volcano in terms of taste. I own two of them (one for backup, its still new in the box) and gave my brother a Crafty (smaller model) for his birthday a couple years ago. We wouldn't be without them.

                CCELL Cart & CCELL Palm Battery - I make my own eliquid with rosin that I press in my Dulytek. It's hard to beat for its small form factor and very strong potency. 2 hits is all it takes every couple hours. Its also very stealthy and looks like a regular e-cig but smaller. The CCELL carts are great at absorbing thick eliquid.

                These are the only 2-3 devices I use. In this order:

                Volcano - Only used when I have company over as I have several bags that can be filled and passed around


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                  JWM2 a Crafty is an awesome present!

                  My top 3 would be:

                  1. The Mighty- good vapor quality, has bigger rips than any other portable I have tried.
                  2. Grasshopper- Discreet, tastes amazing as is convection rather than conduction. Perfect for one off hits as heats and cools in seconds. Can use this anywhere as everyone just thinks it is an e-cig.
                  3. PAX 3- Simple to use, easy to clean and again is discreet

                  Will also give a little mention to the Magic Flight Launch Box. Love the design but certainly has a learning curve to make it worthwhile in the rotation.


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                    My top 4 is
                    1. Mighty
                    2. Arizer Solo 2
                    3. Pax 3
                    4. VapCap M + Induction Heater