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Pax by Ploom (Vaporizer Review)

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  • Pax by Ploom (Vaporizer Review)

    What's up moon-men? I'm new to these forums and want to bless you all with my wisdom in the field of vaporizers. I'm currently starting my own YouTube channel called "The Herbal Review", where I test out all of the popular and unpopular units. My goal is to give you an in depth look on these vapes before you decide on buying them yourself. There's definitely a learning curve with each and every vape, as well as pro's and con's. Enough talking, check out my newest video and let me know if you guys like it!

    Pax by Ploom: The Apple Ipod of Vaporization (Video Review)

    Final Thoughts

    The Pax itself is the Apple Ipod of the Vape-World. There's no mistaking its sexiness, or portability... the real question is if this product is worth $250 bones in your eyes. For me, I have no problem laying out $250 for a vape that's going to last, and be extremely efficient at the same time.

    The trench (oven) on this unit is fantastic. It's got a crazy looking screen (that's removable) and is HUGE. I could probably fit close to half a gram in if I packed it tight enough, although that's overkill. You're going to want to pack about .3g's in there, which will fill it to the top without packing. The bottom is magnetized, but is surprisingly sturdy... so you're not going to have to worry about knocking it loose in a pocket/purse. The only downside to this is the fact that when the lid is on, and the oven is fully heated; it is a bit on the warm side to touch. It's not going to burn you, but it's something to consider.

    I might sound like I'm promoting, but you have to remember I'm coming from the Magic Flight Launch Box; the most basic vaporizer on the market. The move to the Pax was like moving from a Ford Taurus to a Mercedes Benz. There's an unbelievable amount of unique technology in this little guy. When you shake it, it tells you how much battery you have left. When you let it sit still for 30 seconds, it goes into standby mode. Did I mention it comes with a charging dock? Yeah. It does.

    Overall, I'd definitely recommend this unit. The vapor production was pretty great for a portable unit, and the battery lasts a really long time. If you've got $250 to spend and you're in the market for a portable vape... definitely give this one a look.

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    My personal experience with the Pax has been largely positive. It is efficient, highly portable, discrete, and easy to use. It has a 10-year warranty, and while I haven't had to directly deal with them, I have heard the customer service is outstanding. The one drawback would be maintenance. In order to keep it working in top shape, you do need to clean it every few uses. The clean up is pretty simple so long as you have the right supplies. I've tried a few other portables and while most are pretty good, I would still highly recommend the Pax for its discretion, design, and ease of use.