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What strains can I grow indoors and discretely? It's my Blue Dream to do that.

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  • slohan
    Hey Kush, there is a lot of steps one can take to grow. Height can be controlled by cropping which is advisable - you pinch the top and two sometimes three more tops grow out. One must concider an exhaust system as they can get pretty stanky( like up threw the ceiling) Then there is hydroponic verses dirt ( I would suggest dirt for your first time). You will have to find a tub to hold spilled water and some perlite for drainage. Then there are the lites and nutrients to look into. Surf this site on back thru time and you will learn a bunch on everything I have mentioned. They have a seed out there called the quick one check it out - -slohan

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  • What strains can I grow indoors and discretely? It's my Blue Dream to do that.

    I am a novice. But I'm considering the idea of growing my own stash. I came across this blog post, 5 Strains to Look Out For, and it's really inspiring me. The best strain I ever experienced is Blue Dream and I would love to get my hands on a half oz of it. But, I live in a state where weed is still not legal and my weed hookup is pretty limited when it comes to certain stains that are available. In addition to that, I don't know that I always trust that my score is the strain that they say it is. So what if I can discretely get my hands on a couple of Blue Dream seeds? Could I conceivably grow my own personal stash of it, within the confines of my own home? How discrete can I be with this process? The blog post claims, "Plants average between 4'-6' tall." That seems pretty tall to me, so is it really that possible for me to grow Blue Dream on my own and in my own home, without anyone knowing about it?

    I would greatly appreciate any advice you can provide.