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  • Help identifying strain

    Hi guys, new user and beginner grower here.

    I am growing a few plants outdoors from seeds that were given to me. I need help with 2 of my plants.
    The seeds came from the same source but the budding flowers look different. 1 white and 1 pink/brown.
    I don't know what type or strain they are.
    Can anyone advise if these are likely to be the same strain or different?
    And how would i identify what they are likely to be?

    Cheers 😀

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    Hi anonmail. Welcome.
    It is almost impossible to identify a strain just like that. I can tell you that the leaves are very sativa style. However, with modern hybridization this doesn't really count for anything, it just shows that there is some sativa genetics present.
    This does mean that these plants may have quite a long flowering period, but again, impossible to tell.
    Sorry I can't help more....


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      I think that the best way is to find some guides online or through experienced growers for more insights...