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    Well decided to change things up a big from my white widow X big bud, to SUPER BUD well no so super, super dud more like not impressed, then again I'm on hydro one with led the other just your normal sod lights. but not that good under both. So it's back to old faithful wwXbb well once I get these THE WIDOW down which by the way are looking really good.

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    I had great success with my Widow X Big Bud. It would be boring to keep growing the same thing though eh. I know a guy who has grown the same strain from clones continuously for many years. He pulls down great yields but, to be honest, it seems a bit boring. I think you need to experiment and change it up from time to time, and sometimes it will be shit. You can always go back to the favourites as a kind of reset.


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      I will grow the wxbb for a while then give something else a go.