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Same Seeds and source. Totally different plants

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  • Same Seeds and source. Totally different plants

    Planted several 'Shortryder' seeds from same source. Of three, one is budding like mad and the other two look totally different and not even showing sex as yet. Appropriate light cycle, same nutrient schedule etc. etc. 7 Weeks out. All look to be dominant Indica. Could I be looking @ two Ruderalis? I know little about this type of cannabis plant.

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    Hi Phunyfarm. Welcome to the foum.
    We get a lot of messages like this. There can be a massive difference in seeds which are supposedly the same. This happens with all plants, but especially with autos. They revert to regular very easily and some just don't seem to want to auto flower.
    If the two plants continue to not start flowering, flip to 12/12 to give them a nudge in the right direction. Sounds shit when you've paid for autos, but I've seen it work many times.


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      Just moved this post to the relevant section.