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Seeds from feminized plants?

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  • Seeds from feminized plants?

    I'm just beginning to harvest my outdoor crop this year. From seed I planted a Bubba's Gift, 2 Northern Lights and an OG Kush. I started from feminized seeds. Now have some lovely buds but curiously enough I have found some seeds . Not many, just a few here and there (nothing like the ditch weed from years ago when it was sometimes 50/50 weed to seeds). So I'm wondering a couple of things - 1. I'm guessing these seeds will produce the same strain of plant (silly question) 2. Will these seeds also be feminized? 3. Do I need to do anything to these seeds to make sure they'll keep until I plant them next spring.

    As I mentioned I paid good money for the original seeds so if these new seeds produce the same plants I'll be tickled.
    Northern Lights Bubba's Gift

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    Hi. Your plants could have seeds for one of two reasons.
    Either there is another grow in the vicinity (this happens more than you might think) and they have become pollinated from that. If this is the case the offspring could be 50/50 male or female.
    Or they have been stressed at some point and hermied. If this is the case the offspring will be 99% female but may have a propensity to hermie themselves.
    Have you been near any other cannabis plants at all whilst your plants have been growing? If so you may have imported the pollen on your own clothes.