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Los Angeles Marijuana - The BEST ON EARTH?? YES!

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  • Los Angeles Marijuana - The BEST ON EARTH?? YES!

    Wiz Khalifa just came out and said OG Kush is the best weed in the world : (heres the video : google "LABudSmoke"
    I think he is right, but I like the OG Bubba Kush

    what is your fav strain??

    I am new here so nice to meet everybody, say hello please.

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    I am a fan of Blue Cheese and Super Lemon Haze. They both taste devine and make for an enjoyable stoned sensation.


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      I'm a big fan of Cheese, maybe a bit biased because it comes from the same part of the world as me.
      Have always been a big fan of Bubblegum too. I think it was the first time I ever tasted truly flavorsome weed and I have loved it ever since.


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        Any of the Haze strains really. I am a lover of a good, uplifting high and Hazes do it for me. My friend has a room full of Strawberry Haze that is about a week away from finishing. This is a new strain for me so I am pretty excited about it.

        Check out the Atmos Raw here


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          I'm about to start on some Iced Grapefruit. Sounds promising from the review.


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            Sounds promising Krackerwhacker. Let us all know how that turns out for you.


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              I'm a fan of the Kush family in general. OG Kush especially, given I'm a Cali boy!


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                If you're not in the Cali area & you're working with seeds, who do you think has the best one?

                It's not like the dispensaries ship across the country - or to other countries.


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                  For me, the Skunk strains are where it's at. I love Skunk weed. The smell, the taste, the effect. Just can't go wrong with Skunk. I did try a Northern Lights x Skunk #1 cross the other day, marketed as Northern Skunk, that had really good effects, like what I expect to get from a Skunk phenotype, but without the skunky smell. I am guessing the smell and taste were more along the lines of what Northern Lights would be.