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  • Top 5 CBD Strains

    Which are your top 5 high CBD strains?

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    CBD Crew's Yummy Feminized looks good to me, but I haven't had a chance to try it. It's got an even amount of THC to CBD and supposed to be really tasty (makes the name a no-brainer) cross of Yumboldt & G13 Haze.

    However, I'm also intrigued by Greenwerk's R4 strain - it's an open source seed that they pretty much give away for free. If anyone's in Denver for this year's US Cannabis Cup, they might be able to get some. It's supposed to have astronomical CBD & practically no THC.

    From what I've read, no one's been able to stabilize that combo, so it would be interesting to find out if they've managed to do it.


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      I am also interested in this topic, but I would like to know some High CBD autoflowers, as they usually are low in CBD ..


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        Blue Cheese. I love it. Normally I prefer an upbeat high, but at times all I want to do is vegetate and at those times this does it for me.


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          I've been researching Sativa's high CBD strains and decided to try the CBD Kali Feminised strain, from

          I ordered 5 of these seeds, and hope they live up to the following review.

          CBD Kali Feminised Seeds Specs

          Indoor Flowering: 11-12 weeks

          Outdoor Harvest: November
          Production: Average
          Genotype: 90% Sativa.
          Phenotype: Sativa.
          Effect: Strong, active
          Aroma: Spices incense
          Taste: Citrus with metal nuances

          CBD Kali Feminised Seeds Info

          For many experienced growers, this is the Sativa strain par excellence. This genotype is the result from crossing two Sativa landraces in origin, CBD Seeds has improved and stabilized it, to make it produce long and compact buds, increasing the final production and maintaining its resistance to mildew. This virtue is essential if we plant it outdoor, because flowering lasts until November and it may coincide with the autumnal rains in the Mediterranean countries. When it is cultivated indoor, we recommend switching the light cycle to 12 hours not more than one week after the appearance of the cotyledons as it keeps growing during the flowering. If not, it can get too tall, reaching two meters of height, because it gets bigger and bigger during the blooming time. It could be a problem if it gets too close to the light.


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            Harlequin, Agent Orange

            Harlequin and Agent Orange seem to be the only high CBD strains currently growing in my area. I was able to find a seed in the Harlequin I purchased, and it is currently growing in soil on my patio. I only bought one gram, so didn't really get enough to test reliably, but since I have the plant, I figured I'd just wait until I harvest it. From what I was able to determine, from the gram I smoked, it didn't do a lot for my pain, but I may simply not have smoked enough of it.
            Agent Orange seemed very similar to Harlequin for me, very little psychoactive effect, but also very little pain resolution for me.


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              I just published a post about my top 10 CBD seeds, please have a read.
              There are so many things to think about when choosing which variety of marijuana to grow. Just some of the considerations to be made include how big you wa


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                I like Barney's Farm & CBD Crew,.. they have several strains of weed that help with muscle pain, joint pain,.. guess my favorites would be the CBC Critical Cure, CBD Nordle, and Blue Shark,.. they all have apx. 5.5% THC and 8.13% CBC levels and are short plants apx. 50 to 70 CM tall,.. easy to grow.