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  • New Year New Strains

    Hi everyone. I hope you all enjoyed the holiday season. Happy new year to all you growers.
    Here's a couple of pics of my grow tent at the moment. I have been really enjoying growing the MK Ultra and the 707 Headband, as well as the Skunk 47. I have some babies of these strains coming on in the veg room too, but like all growers I get a bit bored and fancy some new strains. I've been perusing the strains at and will shortly select something new to play with. I'll do a new diary when that happens and share my grow with you.
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    Looks awesome. I am new to this and just joined the forum. I am reading and learning a lot and would be happy with 1 successful plant. I will be posting when I pics once I get better but I learned a lot from my first grow even though it turned out to be a male I think.


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      Nice one Tnetworg. Thanks. Stick at it mate. The rewards can be very good. I'll look forward to seeing your next go at it.