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    Welcome everyone to our 2015 Grow Season "Cola Contest". Two Categories this season, "Biggest~Cola" and "Best~Photo". Our Judges this season will be Admin and our two Moderators, Schmokin and myself.

    Rules for our contest will be that your entry's must be your own Plants grown. Prizes for winners will be announced a~little later in the season by Admin.

    Our Deadline this season, will be Christmas and winners will be announced right after, between Christmas and before the new year of 2016. Plenty of time to get your entry's in.

    I will edit your entry just to give it an 'entry number', so our Judges can keep track of all entry's.

    Lotz of good growers hereabout with great photos. Post as many Photos as you like, but be prepared to post 2~3 additional photos of the same plant if it comes down to a draw at the end, just so the judges know that those photos are really your plants grown, fair enough!

    Lotz of our members here are growing awesome plants this season. So post~em up Growers, Lets have some fun with this.

    Nirvana "Jock Horror" Grown by Blaze4daze

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    Nice photo Blaze, keep them coming!


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      Thanks Mega! That plant photo is in one of my grow diary's here in the Grow Diary Section, from a couple seasons ago.

      Might drop in a few, gonna be a judge, so mine won't count, lol.


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        im all in!! time to order me some really good seeds!!


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          I am looking forward to my first attempt at an outdoor hydroponics grow, hope it resembles some of the indoor 1000 watt grows I have done! I had to take the adjusters out of my veg lights to gain another foot on those puppies, 4 feet tall already, hope they go out soon. I may turn the lights down over them for a few hours a night, just to slow them up so I can get them outside. Just seeing a break in the weather this week but the nights are still far too cold... April starts delivering 12 hours of daylight outdoors and I hope that will trigger these mature plants into flowering right off the bat. Confuse them into thinking its fall and not spring... May still have to bring them in at night for a few weeks, have to think on how all that will work... Might have to find some new clones just for this


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            It's a long time between now and Christmas. I'll see what I can come up with. Don't think I could do biggest cola but I'll have a go at the photo one. Nice work Blazd. Thanks.


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              Thanks Saturnalia, trying to get some excitement brewing around here. Along with a Featured Photo from you guys, from time to time after they disappear off the "lastest Topic" area. Will try to keep that going as well. Enter away and Thanks for your support.


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                Giving an extra long time to get all entry's in, specially for the outdoor growers and some of our auto growers that can get 2~3 harvests done in a season.

                This won't count as I will be a judge, but here is a kick~off to start the ball rolling. The Blueberry I grew last season Bloom Week 6 .

                Older photos welcome too. Try to have a few extra photos of the plant to show if it comes to a draw at the end.

                IMG_0825.jpg F.jpg


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                  Great stuff Blazd. Thanks a lot.


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                    here ya go, outdoor white widow week 5 flower(1st pic) 2nd and 3rd pic week 7 harvested some early,
                    Last edited by canbethewicked; 10-11-2015, 02:31 AM.


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                      Well, It sure looked better before I trimmed it


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                        Originally posted by canbethewicked View Post
                        here ya go, outdoor white widow week 5 flower(1st pic) 2nd and 3rd pic week 7 harvested some early,
                        tough to grow these sativa dominant strains here in northern ny


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                          Originally posted by canbethewicked View Post
                          tough to grow these sativa dominant strains here in northern ny
                          I had to do some rethinking going outside in Colorado, sun is GREAT with the altitude but the season is short because of temps... I get a 30 degree swing every night, so even on a decent 70 degree day, I can still see 40 at night... I also was a month late getting outdoors as it hailed on me a couple of times in June... I have another crop that I let transition and flower naturally outside, but I brought themdoors to finish as the nights are far too cold now, low 40's Wich I had a better camera to get nice pic like Blazed


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                            Hi Guys
                            Well there wasn't much interest in the competition this year but we have made a selection and have a nice prize of some Cheese Autoflowering Feminised seeds and a cool t-shirt, kindly donated by Cannabis Seed Store UK.
                            So, for his great photo, and also for some great contributions to the forum over 2015, we name Coconutisland the winner. If you would like to pm your details to admin then we will get your prize in the post to you. Many thanks to all.


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                              Thanks Guys! I have a new set up to get them going this year! Looking forward to trying some Cheese from the UK! Yummy!!!!!! 2016 is turning out to be a fantastic year!

                              Been pretty busy in my germination closet, got about 200+ peppers started already, all new herbs and salad greens, lots in store for this summer!

                              The above baby is in the tray mounted to the wall on the right in the lower picture:


                              I did move all the clear tubs on to the next room as they have all started sprouting and are now getting 6-8 hours a day of natural light in another grow room I have