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Need help to understand how to use nutrients

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  • Need help to understand how to use nutrients

    I will be starting my first attempt to grow once i have all the info i need but the one part I lack is info on nutrients.

    I will be growing auto purple express in a 60x60x140 with a 400w bulb

    Just cant seem to find info on the best nutrients to buy in the uk or how to use them/how often to use them/when to start useing them

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Need more info on the medium you'll be growing in.


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      It will be soil in a 5ltr tub


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        It depends on the soil. Fox farm ocean forest+perlite doesn't really need nutes, whereas cheap shit from home depot may by lacking in certain nutes. I'd also recommend starting in a smaller pot, and transplanting as it grows. Helps prevent overwatering.


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          for your first grow i recommend you to use some "try pack" like biobizz o triangle pack of ATAMI, hesi pack, etc. They have the basic 3-4 products and a feeding table