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  • Need new nutrient suggestions

    I just learned that Monsanto bought FoxFarm! I loved that brand, but I won't buy from the "evil empire". This year I'm growing 2 plants outside in raised beds and 2 in my greenhouse in soil, organic all the way. Any suggestions for a replacement brand of fertilizer?

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    If you like organics why not make some home teas. Nettle for veg and comfrey for flower. Also some worm juice and compost tea.


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      I have a ton of comfrey I put it in and around my corn.I never thought of making a tea and for the lady's how much should I use on them? Thanks

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    That's a good idea. I found out that Monsanto did not buy Foxfarm, it was just a rumor. Whew!


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      I've never tried the Spendy stuff...
      It's a weed... it seems to need very little.
      But , more money grows better pot ...... right ?

      so empty your Wallet...


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        You can make a good comfrey feed by filling a bucket with some comfrey leaves and letting it rot right down. Use a brick or similar weight to weigh down the leaves. Use a lid if you have one as this can really stink. The leaves will rot to a thick black liquid. Dilute this at 10:1 with clean water for a potassium rich feed. I have used it in the past with great effect on tomatoes and other veg plants. Not used it yet on weed but it seems like a good thing to do during flower.
        The same thing can be done with nettles, except rot these down in water. I just chop up lots of nettle leaves and let them soak in a barrel of water. Use a weight and lid, same as the comfrey. Dilute the resulting brew at 10:1 for a nitrogen rich feed. I have used this on weed and it works great for veg.