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Nutrients for growing outdoors.

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  • Nutrients for growing outdoors.

    Hi I'm going to have a decent go at growing outside at my house. I have bought good seeds from Holland and I live in Queensland Australia so we have a pretty good climate.
    I'm not going nuts (6 Plants) , couple in the ground the rest in pots.
    My question is really about fertilizers.I fried my first lot with too much fertilizer - so I won't be doing that again.
    I do like the idea of growing organically so I have bought seasol powerfeed vegetable.(I know seasol is not completely organic but it is not a chemical fertilizer).
    However the nitrogen in seasol is only 14 and all the info I have been reading says that you want a super high nitrogen content for the vege stage.
    So I have also bought miracle grow which is considerably higher at 24.
    I was thinking about doing half of the plants with each and just see how they went, however I really want to get the highest yield possible.
    So could anyone out there who has been doing this for along time and doing it well give ma any advice-please??

    Also one of my plants has gone straight to bud- which i'm a little confused about as it is meant to be a high yield plant (ak47). Should I keep giving it vegetative fertilizer?

    Could anyone also recommend a good fertilizer to switch to for the flowering cycle which is readily available here in Australia.


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    With any nutrient you need to start out with 1/4 strength of what it says on the bottle and slowly raise the dose up and watch the plants reaction. I've always used General Hydroponics for nutrients and supplements.


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      I reckon the seasol will do you fine. Am not really familiar with it but 14 is ok. I also hear a lot of bad things about the miracle grow (including lots of nute burn so take it easy with it) and avoid it myself at all costs.
      Katzie is right about the 1/4 strength. Over feeding is often the number 1 problem that we hear about on here. Start of weak and slowly build it up.
      What sort of soil do you have?


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        my soil is very good at my house, all I use is chicken poo compressed pellets, a bag of worm castings and when they go to flower I lay on the bat guano,, I yield anywhere from 1-as much as 2.5 lbs per plant in the northeastern usa


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          Hey Seabass look up supersoil online and mix your own, many good recipes out there...dig a large hole fill with the SS plant an established plant...or leave 6 inches of hole empty and finish filling with an organic base soil and plant a seedling. Now all you have to do is water