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    Hi all. We've been going through some paperwork and found a whole load of reviews for nutrient companies. I'll post them here in the hope that they will provide a usefull resource for some of you. They are not written as a result of personal experience, rather a brief resume of the information that's out there on the web. I'll post them a few at a time over the next few weeks. If anyone has any personal experience or opinions to add, please feel free to comment.
    So here they are, in alphabetical order. We hope it helps.

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    Advanced Nutrients

    Advanced Nutrients began to take shape in 1996 when three men formed Canadian Soilless Ltd., got together with the idea of revolutionizing the hydroponic nutrients industry. Since then they have gone from strength to strength.
    With years of research behind them, Advanced Nutrients now produce one of the largest and most comprehensive ranges of hydroponic nutrients available and supply growers across the globe.
    Advanced Nutrients products contain blends of micro and macro nutrients, hormones, amino acids, vitamins, enzymes, chelates and beneficial bacteria and fungi. Some of the products are almost entirely organic whilst others are synthetic/organic mixes.
    The Advanced Nutrients range includes complete systems that will cater to all the requirements of your plants, saving the grower the trouble of working out concentration levels. They even avoid the need to meter pH.
    Some of Advanced Nutrient’s products, such as the SensiPro Two Plus program, feature formulas that are micro adjusted on a week by week level. This means that the ratio and content of the nutrient changes weekly to suit the exact requirements of your plants as they move through the vegetative stage to flowering and ripening. This is much more exact and effective than just ‘Grow’ and ‘Bloom’.
    Another Advanced Nutrients’ flagship product is Advanced Nutrients Sweet Leaf. This additive, as well as increasing growth, sugars the plant giving the finished crop a sweet aroma and flavor, making for a superior smoking experience.
    With years of experience and thousands of recommendations by growers, Advanced Nutrients is one of the planet’s leading hydroponic and cannabis nutrient suppliers.


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      Ancient Organics Nutrients
      Many indoor gardeners like to use natural or organic products so that they have total control over what goes into the plants that they love. For millennia bat guano has been one of nature’s greatest fertilizers and was considered by the ancients as ‘gifts from the Gods’. Even in the modern era the fertilizing properties of bat guano are world renowned and sought after by gardeners everywhere.

      Ancient Organics nutrients are based on the legendary plant boosting qualities of bat guano. Their horticultural products are sourced from ancient fossilized bat guano deposits in uninhabited regions and are available in fine mesh or pellet form.

      There are two principle products in the Ancient Organic nutrients range and both are specialist one part nutrient fertilizers:
      • Bat Guano Grow – A nitrogen rich fertilizer (10-2-1) that supplies enough nitrogen enriched goodness to see your plants rocket through the vegetative stage
      • Primal Harvest – A phosphate guano (0-12-1) that provides bloom dynamics and will ensure that your plants’ needs are met throughout the flowering stage. Primal harvest is naturally formulated with high phosphorous and no nitrogen to channel all of your plants’ energy into creating spectacular blooms.
      Ancient Organic nutrients also offer two, more balanced, products for a greater, all round nutrition:
      • Rainbow Mix Grow – A 5-5-2 fertilizer that comprises bat guano mixed with sea kelp, feather meal, soft rock phosphate, steamed bone meal, sulfate of potash magnesia, cottonseed meal and montmorillonite.
      • Rainbow Mix Bloom – A 1-9-2 fertilizer with the same ingredients as Rainbow Mix Grow, but formulated especially for the flowering stages.
      Ancient Organic nutrients provide solutions for gardeners looking for some of that old school organic goodness.


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        Bio Bizz Soil Mix Nutrients

        Dutch plant-nutrition maestros Biobizz have been in the nutrients business since 1992 and bring their ecological and environmental ethos to all that they do. Biobizz nutrients credit their success to a solid foundation of product innovation and quality control.

        Biobizz take their organic credentials seriously and all of their products fall under either one or all of the following accreditation schemes:
        • USDA National Organic Program
        • Good Quality Soil Mark
        • Control Union
        • Organic EU
        • OMRI

        Biobizz supply a huge range of products to cater to every need. Biobizz soil mix nutrients cover all eventualities faced by the grower who prefers to use soil as a medium. The famous Pre-Mix European fertilizer formula is a well guarded secret and can be used in conjunction with organic worm castings to fortify soil (and soilless) mixes. Containing fertilizers, rock meal, fungi and trace elements, Biobizz Pre-Mix is ideal to get your plants started and can offer good disease and fungal protection as well as a massive boost to growth; use either as part of your soil mix or as a straight fertilizer.

        Biobizz soil mix nutrients also offer All-Mix, a heavily pre-fertilized soil mix which provides the perfect growing environment for your plants and contains enough fertilizer for plants to grow for a few weeks without the need for any additional fertilizers. All-Mix also provides a complex microbial ecosystem within the soil to support your plants’ root structure and better facilitate the uptake of nutrients.

        All together the Biobizz soil mix nutrients range is just part of an excellent range of horticultural products from Biobizz that will have your plants blooming.


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          Bio-Genesis nutrients

          Bio-Genesis nutrients provide a range of organic plant nutrients and supplements that are invaluable to the cannabis grower, whether in a soil medium or a hydroponic set-up. Their Premium Series includes three products that are worth mentioning here:
          • High Tide Seaweed – This premium organic seaweed product is an important source of potassium and naturally chelated micronutrients. It also includes humic acid and other naturally occurring compounds to develop and strengthen root structure and provide resistance to diseases and stress.
          • Mineral matrix – This product from Biogenesis nutrients is a micronutrient supplement that is specially formulated to compensate for nutrient deficiencies inherent in hydroponic and organic systems. Mineral Matrix is citric acid chelated to improve stability and enhance nutrient uptake in your plants. Apply either as a foliar feed or direct to the root zone in both soil and hydro systems.
          • Synergy – Synergy from Bio-Genesis nutrients is a blend of fermented plant and seaweed extracts that provides natural hormones, amino acids, betaines, humates, enzymes and a complex of metabolic precursors to your plant. Bio-Genesis Synergy enhances photosynthesis and speeds up cell division, enabling your plants to grow like never before. Synergy also provides induced systemic resistance, making for stronger and healthier plants.
          Bio-Genesis nutrients Premium Series is a range of plant nutrition additives and supplements that should give you better performance in the grow room with less disease, higher yields and healthier plants.


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            Bio-Nova have been developing and manufacturing fertilizers, nutrients and plant care products since 1993. Unlike some of the hydroponic nutrient manufacturers Bio-Nova are not only limited to the hydroponic world but also manufacture everyday plant products that might be used in the garden or even on the golf course. Because of this Bio-Nova products are renowned across the horticultural industry and not just in relation to growing cannabis.
            Bio-Nova nutrients are available to meet a wide range of plant needs, for both hydroponic systems and soil based systems. They even have a product designed specifically for use in coco substrates.
            For hydro systems Bio-Nova nutrients supply their well known Bio Nova Nutri Nova A&B. This fertilizer is a mineral grow and bloom fertilizer and combined growing and flowering stages means that you only need to purchase one bottle of each, simply mix the correct ration for all needs.
            Bio-Nova nutrients also offer Bio-Nova Hydro Supermix. This one part mineral substrate fertilizer is especially designed for hydro systems with artificial substrates such as perlite or rockwool.
            If you like to use coco as a substrate then Bio-Nova have a solution for that too. Bio-Nova Coco Nova A&B works in exactly the same way as Bio Nova Nutri Nova A&B except that it is formulated specifically to perform well on coco substrates.
            And lastly, if you prefer a soil based system, how about the Bio-Nova Soil Supermix. This partially organic one part grow and bloom fertilizer is formulated for use on soil. The organic compounds also act as a buffer to help stabilise pH levels.


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              Botanicare Nutrients

              Botanicare nutrients have been in the hydroponic nutrients business since 1992. Originally founded
              In the back of a retail store, Botanicare nutrients became renowned amongst the local hydroponics community for the quality of their first, and still their best selling product, Pure Blend. As word of the quality of this product spread, Botanicare nutrients was born, and since then they have gone from strength to strength.
              Botanicare nutrients supply everything for the hydroponic gardener, including;
              • Fertilizers – CNS17, the Power Series, and of course, the famous Pure Blend Pro.
              • Supplements – Botanicare nutrients offer a wide range of supplements that will increase yields, strengthen plants and root systems, sweeten crops and facilitate nutrient uptake.
              • Biologicals – ZHO root inoculants from Botanicare nutrients employs Endomychorrizal and Trichoderma fungi to build up natural, microbial systems in, and around, plant roots. This can significantly improve the plants’ growth, vigor, and yield.
              • Substrates – Readygro, Cocogro and Hydrolite. Botanicare nutrients products cater to every need for the hydroponic gardener.
              • Systems – Botanicare nutrients provide a full range of complete hydro and aero systems for both cloning and gardening.
              • Plastics – All the trays, lids and reservoirs that you could need.
              • Accessories – Fittings, tubing, hosing, pots, clamps, drippers. You name it, Botanicare nutrients have it.
              • Organicare – Botanicare nutrients offer a full range of plant nutrient systems under their Organicare label which are fully OMRI listed for use in organic crop production.
              Botanicare Nutrients have 20 years of experience in the hydroponics industry and this is clearly visible in the quality of their products.


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                Bountea Nutrients

                Bountea nutrients come from a family run company with an interesting history. Alaskan John Evans, the inventor of Bountea nutrients, is a grower of giant vegetables who holds 18 Alaskan State records and has 9 entries in the Guinness Book of World Records for his amazing oversized vegetables.

                After many years of growing amazing, super-sized veg, John has decided to share his secret with the world, in the shape of Bountea nutrients

                Bountea nutrients’ range of products is based around their original and flagship product – compost tea. Whereas most compost teas originate from vermi-compost (waste products from wormeries), John believes that the range of micro fauna in vermi-compost is too limited. Bountea nutrients’ compost tea is brewed with sustainably sourced organic Alaskan humisoil and a specially formulated bio-activator that is packed with an extremely effective balance of microbes, fungi and bacteria to provide for the complex and multifaceted needs of your growing plants.

                In addition to this heady microbial brew, the Bountea system includes two more products;
                • Root Web which supports and enhances the mycorrhizal fauna at your plants’ roots, promoting nutrient uptake and strengthening the symbiotic relationship between root systems and the soil
                • Marine Mineral Magic M3, a high quality fish based protein that contains a full spectrum of minerals and trace elements.
                Altogether the Bountea nutrient system delivers a fantastic all round fertilizer that has a proven track record. Unlike the claims of many plant nutrient companies, John’s record breaking exploits with Bountea nutrients are 100% verifiable and the environmentally friendly, family ethos of this company is a huge plus when deciding which plant nutrients are best for your needs.


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                  Canna Nutrients

                  Dutch company Canna Nutrients is probably one of the most famous cannabis nutrient companies in the world. Anybody who has spent any time reading and researching marijuana horticulture on the web will have come across the name; and they are famous for a reason. Established in the early 1990s, Canna Nutrients runs the complete manufacture and supply chain themselves; from extensive, scientific research and development of all products, to distribution logistics, advertising and marketing. Canna Nutrients do it all themselves.
                  Canna Nutrients offer the complete range of nutrients to suit all needs. Simplicity is the keyword with Canna Nutrients and they make everything really easy to follow. Even the nutrient ranges are handily named to make it easy to match up the range to your particular set up. So the Canna Terra range is for soil, potting mixes and peat based systems; Canna Aqua is for closed hydro systems (such as NFT, where the run-off is returned to the reservoir); Canna Coco is for use with coco substrates and Canna Hydro is for open hydroponic systems (such as run-to-waste).
                  Canna Nutrients also offer the full spectrum of additives, and again their emphasis on simplicity means that they are separated into two main categories that are visibly distinguishable. Products that assist with plant growth and yield come in the classic Canna Nutrients’ twin bottle, whilst additives that work by improving the nutrient solution itself come in a round white bottle.
                  Maybe the best selling point with Canna Nutrients (and again, it’s all about making it easy) is their impressive, interactive web app ( Simply fill in the details about your set-up in the relevant boxes and the app will do all the calculations for you. Telling you exactly how much of which product to use to obtain the best results.
                  It’s easy to see why Canna Nutrients are industry leaders.


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                    Ecolizer Nutrients

                    Ecolizer nutrients are part of a range of hydroponic solutions from Ecoplanet. Perhaps the best known of the Ecolizer nutrients, and the most widely used, is the Ecolizer Basics A+B. This two part mix is an optimal bio-mineral nutrient which allows you to give your plants the correct ratio of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium when they need it most.

                    Ecolizer Basics A+B is a stable basic nutrient that is well balanced and made from food quality ingredients. It does not contain any unnecessary elements and in essence does not require flushing or rinsing, although the manufacturers, and us, recommend you do so on a regular basis to maintain soil health and hygiene.

                    The stability of Ecolizer Basics A+B means that it is suitable for use on all substrates and in all hydro set-ups.

                    Also available in the range of Ecolizer nutrients is:

                    · Ecolizer Root-Up – 100% natural, and highly concentrated, seaweed and herbal extract root stimulant
                    · Ecolizer Grow-Up – 100% natural, and highly concentrated, growth stimulant containing amino acids, micro-elements and vitamins
                    · Ecolizer Bloom-Up - 100% natural, and highly concentrated, seaweed and herbal extract bloom stimulant
                    · Ecolizer Top-Up - 100% natural additive specifically designed to keep your plants strong during the last 3 weeks of blooming
                    · Ecolizer Bugs-Away – Based on a formula of potassium salts and fatty acids, this product is applied as a foliar feed and strengthens and invigorates your plant whilst at the same time protecting against insects, plant lice, small flies and even the dreaded spider mite
                    · Ecolizer Buds-Okay – This eco-friendly fungicide will protect your valuable buds against above-soil fungi such as mildew and botrytis

                    Used together the range of Ecolizer nutrients and supplements provide a complete solution to all your grow room requirements.


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                      Femeg Guanokalong nutrients are that much sought after and, some would say, greatest of all naturally occurring fertilizers, bat guano. Sold worldwide as Guanokalong powdered bat guano by German company Femeg, Femeg guanokalong nutrients are famous across the globe as being the ultimate in bloom nutrients.
                      As well as dramatically increasing the yield and quality of your crop, Femeg guanokalong nutrients is widely purported to improve flavour as well; in the case of home grown marijuana, making for a smoother, sweeter smoke.
                      Although used mostly for flowering, it is not just buds that benefit from Femeg guanokalong nutrients. This nutrient also improves soil structure, stimulates biological activity in the soil and greatly enhances root growth, making for sturdier, more vigorous plants.

                      There are two ways of using Femeg guanokalong nutrients. You can either mix it directly into the soil at a rate of around 1-250. Or you can dissolve it into water to make a concentrated liquid food at a rate of around 1-100. Be aware though that Femeg guanokalong nutrients will only completely dissolve at temperatures of 175 degrees Fahrenheit + (80C) so mix first with around 1 gallon (5 litres) of very hot water.


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                        Fox Farm Nutrients

                        With almost 20 years experience in developing and producing organic plant foods and extra strength soil mixes, Fox Farm are a family run business and group of dedicated gardeners who are committed to gardening in an environmentally sensitive way. Organics play a big role at Fox Farm and Fox Farm nutrients are the way to go if you care about your impact on the earth.

                        Fox Farm fertilizers are based around earthworm castings, one of nature’s oldest and most effective nutrients and Fox Farm oversee the entire process, ensuring quality from start to finish.

                        Fox Farm can supply you with:

                        · Soil and soil conditioners – Fox Farm supply a range of soils, soil conditioners and growing media
                        · Liquid fertilizers – Fox Farm nutrients for both soil and hydroponic systems
                        · Dry mix time-release fertilizers – American Pride or Marine Cuisine, depending on your needs
                        · Dry mix organic fertilizers – Fox Farm nutrients come in a specially developed organic formula to bring some wholesome nutrition to your plants
                        · Soluble granular fertilizers – These Fox Farm nutrients are phosphorous heavy to encourage massive blooms.
                        · Environmentally friendly pest control – Fox Farm’s Don’t Bug Me insect spray is derived from a chemical that occurs naturally in chrysanthemum flowers, making for a pest control agent that breaks down quickly and is environmentally friendly.


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                          GA Special Spray

                          GA special spray from Dutch cannabis wizards No Mercy is a purpose made finishing spray for use on your marijuana plants during the final stages of growth.

                          GA special spray contains Gibberellic-acid, a naturally occurring chemical acid (not a hormone preparation) which stimulates the production of female hormones within the cannabis plant. Gibberellic-acid is a chemical that is naturally present in all cannabis plants and is the chemical agent widely used in the feminization process employed for creating feminized seeds.

                          The application of Gibberellic-acid with the GA special spray, and the stimulation of female plant hormones, serves to increase flowering, making for more abundant blooms and heavier resin production.

                          GA special spray should only be applied to healthy, vigorous plants, and only during the correct period of flowering (see instructions for more detail). It is possible to add GA special spray into the nutrition and this will enable you to treat twice as many plants with the same amount of spray. Apparently results can be quite dramatic under these circumstances, but you should contact No Mercy for more information regarding your particular strains and set-up.
                          Applications of GA special spray will require your plants to wait an extra week before harvesting, it takes an extra week for them to gain the extra weight, so plan accordingly.
                          A final word of warning; with some Sativas the use of GA special spray can promote hermaphroditism, so once again, follow the instructions very carefully and contact No Mercy with any questions or for more information.


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                            General Hydroponics

                            US based General Hydroponics is one of the big players in the world of hydroponics nutrients. Founded almost forty years ago by UC Berkeley graduate Lawrence Brooke, General Hydroponics’ HQ in sunny California is a cutting edge testing ground for horticultural innovation and the marriage of nature and technology.

                            As you might expect, General Hydroponics nutrients cover the full range, encompassing every element of hydroponic growth.

                            · Nutrients – With a choice of four nutrient systems, General Hydroponics nutrients will be able to supply the nutrient solution to fit any situation.
                            · Supplements – A comprehensive range of eight different supplements that will boost and enhance your precious crops from the roots right up to the sticky buds.
                            · General Organics – Another impressive range, this one of nine organic based nutrients and supplements; including vegan plant food formulas.
                            · Maintenance – General Hydroponics offers a range of five products in their maintenance range. From pH buffers and calibration solutions, through rinses and root protection formulas, to insecticides and miticides.
                            · Systems – A choice of eight systems in the General Hydroponics systems range means that there is a complete hydroponic system available to meet every eventuality. General Hydroponics systems include, among others, aeroponic cloning and growing systems, drip systems, classic bucket systems and a modular DIY system.
                            · Media – Eight lines in the media range offer just about any hydroponic growing media you can think of. General hydroponics use Cocotek for all their media and also offer expanded clay and organic rooting starters.
                            General Hydroponics nutrients offer just about the widest range of hydroponic growing equipment and supplies available. You will be able to find all you need here to set yourself up for a successful hydroponic grow.


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                              Green Sensation Nutrients

                              Green Sensation nutrients is a bloom stimulant and booster from Plagron nutrients. Especially designed for the final four weeks of flowering, Green Sensation nutrient works by directly supporting, and enhancing, sugar production within the plant. This, in turn, leads to a more rigid cell structure, strengthening the plant and increasing yield.

                              Results from using Green Sensation nutrients can be dramatic and are easy to achieve, even for the novice gardener. Because Green Sensation nutrients have been designed for the final stage of flowering, you need to have an idea of how long your chosen cannabis strain’s flowering period lasts. Then, just start adding Green Sensation to your weekly feed four weeks before it’s time to harvest.

                              So for example, with a short flowering strain like Early Misty, start treatment with Green Sensation after four weeks of flowering; with a medium flowering strain such as Sour Diesel start adding Green Sensation nutrients after six weeks; and for long flowering strains, such as most of the Hazes, start treatment after eight weeks of flowering.

                              To use Green Sensation nutrients, just mix the recommended dosage with lukewarm water and add to the nutrient reservoir. Then stand back and watch your babies bloom.