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    Ok. Thanks for letting me in. I have 2 autoimmune diseases and want to start learning as much as I can about growing. First off, can you tell me the least expensive indoor setup? Thank you.

  • Schmokin
    Nice answer Sat.
    Yes. Like all "hobbies" growing weed can end up as an exercise in buying the latest kit. The market is full of "must have" stuff. Especially since the legalisation in so many US states. It's good to be reminded of the basics. We're just growing plants here .

  • Saturnalia
    Hi Maureen. Welcome
    As a very basic set-up you'd be looking at a few CFL bulbs (about 100 Watts worth) , a desktop fan and some pots and soil and some plants food. With this you could get a plant going and get some sort of harvest from it. Check out prices for these items in the country/region where you are. At this level, invest in the most light and the best soil you can afford.
    Is there no chance of you growing outdoors? You can do that for free once you have some seed.
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