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State By State Laws for Personal Medical Marijuana Growing!

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  • State By State Laws for Personal Medical Marijuana Growing!

    Marijuana legalization has always been debatable in several countries, including U.S. Medical practitioners have used this drug to alleviate the condition and improve the quality of life for hundreds of patients suffering from numerous health/medical conditions.

    Medical marijuana laws for possession and cultivation vary from state to state, and the laws and regulations regarding Medical Marijuana are constantly changing.

    I personally feel medical marijuana should be legalized all round the globe. But, for now here's what I recently found. For all the marijuana lovers, here's a State By State Guide for Personal Medical Marijuana Growing

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    I'm not a "green thumb", but I'm a user...

    Hi There,
    Thanks for the guide, this looks like a very useful thing to follow, but unfortunately I'm not a grower, but a simple user. I too am a medical marijuana supporter and I believe state laws should be changed to support the usage of weed. I have a great resource to help people learn how to get a medical cannabis card in USA and I hope you will find it interesting too.


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      Even though, recreational cannabis use has been legalized in most US states, it must be noted that owning a medical marijuana card would result in better savings, legal protection and higher access to medical marijuana dispensaries. For instance, in California, MMJ users who have a medical card can legally grow up to 100 sq. feet of marijuana plants, while also getting the opportunity to save 14% in tax savings as compared to recreational cannabis users.
      All in all, in my opinion getting a medical card is the best way for MMJ users not only in 2018, but for years to come.