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Cops Claim Mice Ate Their Marijuana – 1200 lbs of it!

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  • Cops Claim Mice Ate Their Marijuana – 1200 lbs of it!

    In Argentina, 540 kg of weed in police custody disappeared under very suspicious circumstances. What was cop’s official narrative? The mice ate it, the equivalent of the dog ate my homework excuse, that never ever worked, anytime, anywhere.
    Anyone can see that this story holds water like a sieve. Do the math, 1 pound is about 400 grams, and 1000 pounds is 400,000 grams. At 10 grams per day, It would take something like 20 Cheech and Chong’s about 20 years to consume that mega-stash.
    The cops, perhaps were depending on a higher up official to OK their story, but this obviously did not happen. Or perhaps, the crooked cops figured that no one would buy the story, but they couldn’t prove that they stole the weed in custody. The only rap ,would be getting fired. At an easy $100 per ounce, we’re talking about $1 million bucks, which spends like $3 million in Argentina. The official story goes something like this. After 540kg weed disappeared from a police warehouse, officers concocted the lame story that rodents ate it. Eight Argentinian police officers involved were fired shortly after they told their tale. They uncovered the inhouse crime when a police warehouse in Pilar, 60 km outside of Buenos Aires, was inspected, a large portion of the cannabis plant inventory was long gone. Of the 6,000kg of marijuana had been stored there for 2 years, an audit revealed that only 5,460kg remained. Sloppy bookkeeping? No, Javier Specia, the city’s former police commissioner, and perhaps the enemy of the current commissioner was the prime suspect, for he had left the inventory for impounded plants unsigned for when he left his post last year. Testimony to Judge Adrián González Charvay, the former commissioner Special and 3 subordinates claimed the missing marijuana was “eaten by mice”. Expert witness, however, told the court that mice would not have considered cannabis with THC in it to be a source of food.
    “Buenos Aires University experts have explained that mice wouldn’t mistake the drug for food, and that if a large group of mice had eaten it, a lot of corpses would have been found in the warehouse,” said a spokesperson for the judge. Specia is also under internal police investigation into why he has not filed his official income statement for 2017. “
    At the end of the day, cops all over the world confiscate weed and sell back to the black market. This is the kind of activity that is “encouraged” when weed and any drug for that matter is made illegal. The criminals make a fortune and corruption is invited with open arms in the various policing agencies. In America, every level of every policing agency has been documented to play a pivotal role in the illegal trade, time and again. In effect, the War on Drugs and laws thereof, encourage and expedite the trafficking of drugs by all.
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    Haha! That's some pretty stoned Argentinian mice there.