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What's Best for Deep Chronic Pain? Oils ? Wax? Other Concentrates? Information Please

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  • What's Best for Deep Chronic Pain? Oils ? Wax? Other Concentrates? Information Please

    Backround: Serious chronic pain that required massive doses of opioids over a period of years. With the help of cannabis and excercise/physical therapy the opioid use has decreased 70%. ( ! ) All the evil things associated with that type of massive intake of opioids have also decreased the same percentages as well which is astounding.

    Serious Question: Are the oils and other concentrates strong enough to replace the remaining opioid prescription if not all of the time at least part of the time making the use of the opioids an occasional need rather than the daily norm?

    I've watched youtube where it shows oils and budders at almost unreal thc content and would therefore be better for pain relief right? If so what would you suggest in terms of the concentrates and why? Any personal or professional insight would be greatly appreciated.

    Lastly, there's an oil being marketed or soon to be marketed with a "cbd"/thc ratio that will give it great pain relieving qualities but not get you blown out of your mind at 8am when you have to work. Does anyone have any experience with this? Does it work?

    Some addl information on the patient to consider, Pain is every waking moment. Just a matter of where on the pain scale but in general every day for 3 years on a scale of 1-10 with 10 requiring immediate surgery, an average of between 5 and 8, however in the past year that number has floated closer to the 5 number and even lower for the past 6 months, maybe 3 on some rare occassions to 5+ . Excercise every day. Run a business , have home, family. Middle aged+ pushing 60. Heart surgery recipient within 10 years. Not good to stress heart with chronic pain so I realize that time is being shortened. I believe the cannabis has slowed that down. Now is it possible to slow it down a little more, the stress on the heart or help with the pain which in effect slows the stress down.

    More information upon request.

    Thank you

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    Hi Tudo
    You could do with some good medical advice, I hope you find it.
    I can tell you that high CBDs are often associated with pain relief. These are normally found in heavy hitting indicas such as the Kush strains. The unfortunate side of that is that these are the strains that will really mess up your day at 8am. The anecdotal evidence that I have heard says that it's these hard hitters that work best for chronic pain.
    I have no experience with MMJ, but as a long term cannabis user I can tell you that oils are definitely stronger. For many years cannabis oil was classified as a class A drug here in the UK, although I believe that situation has now changed.
    So, the concentrates will be stronger but might mess up your day, unless someone can recommend a particular strain or brand from personal experience. If you're looking at cannabis strains you should consider sativas for the daytime, possibly less pain control but more functional. Then indicas at night for extra pain control and good sleep.
    I am not a health care professional, but these are things I've picked up from the forum over the years. I hope it helps a bit.
    Check out this page. There are write ups on 100s of different strains as well as more info on sativa, indica and hybrids.


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      Thanks for the link. I've been smoking weed since 1969 but I feel like we're in the dark ages here in fla in comparison to California. I watched reviews of the tetralabs pure gold and am in heat to get some. What I don't understand is how they make the claim that the smokeable has 74$ thc and does not get you high but deals with the pain?


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        74% THC but doesn't get you high? I don't understand how that works......


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          Cannabis topicals have been used since centuries to treat ailments such as chronic pain, cuts, bruises and sores. For users who are unwilling to experience the psychoactive effects of cannabis (THC in particular) and do not have access to CBD would find that using topicals is a viable treatment option for their respective health conditions.


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            Best dispensary. Great selections of both THC and CBD products..


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              good piece