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Could medical marijuana ever replace opioids?

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  • Could medical marijuana ever replace opioids?

    I was just reading a whitepaper on how medical marijuana should completely replace opioids. I guess marijuana has been proven to be 20 times more potent than Aspirin. My question is though, is that potent enough? I have a hard time believing that marijuana could compete with stronger opioids like codeine for pain relief. I would think serious and severe pain could never fully be treated by marijuana. What do you guys think?
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    I made some cannabis oil for my sister who has an illness which causes her a lot of pain. She said that, although it helped greatly, it wasn't enough on its own.


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      No, cannabis won't replace opiods for acute pain but they can be very effective when used as an adjunct. That's what has helped me to reduce my need for opiates to 1/3 the amount by themselves.
      Opiates work very well at knocking down pain-the challenge is to use them effectively.


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        I don't think they can replace opioids for severe pain. However they are a very effective analgesic and the lack of addictive properties means that they should be in every care givers arsenal.