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How to get a medical marijuana card

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    Have removed and banned them Katzie.


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      MMJ users need to fulfill certain criteria to obtain a medical card, some of which include the following-
      1. Users must be at least 18 years of age
      2. Users must suffer from a medical condition which is listed among the list of qualifying medical conditions for MMJ use.
      3. Users need to have a medical evaluation conducted by a MMJ doctor.

      Keep in mind that there are other laws governing medical marijuana use, differing from state to state. But the good news is that even if you don't have a medical card, you can still obtain one by applying online right now. To begin the process, just make a quick search on Google and choose accordingly based on user reviews and team of doctors. I can help you get a better decision about this based on my personal experience. For getting a medical card, I used the website, which was referred to me from a friend of mine who already uses medical marijuana.
      Firstly, I had to fill out an application form on their website, after which I received a video chat from one of their doctor. Following this, I received the medical card right on my email address.
      This means that I am fully capable of buying my own medical marijuana now.