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Can I get a card if I live in MA?

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  • Can I get a card if I live in MA?

    I have Advanced open-angle glaucoma = I am legally blind ~
    I live in MA where it is NOT legal.... is it possible for me to get a card anyhow?
    Some times the pain from pressure is outrageous ALSO any time I bend over I get nausea
    Wondering if marijuana would help ~

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    I'm afraid you probably cannot. Which is a shame as marijuana might well help you. Certainly with the nausea and potentially with glaucoma too.
    Here's a link to state medical marijuana laws for MA, but unfortunately they are not made in the interests of the good people of Massachusetts and offer you no help at all. This sort of thing infuriates me. You are denied potential relief because someone somewhere thinks they no better, but they actually know nothing.


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      how do i begin to find doctors who understand my anxiety?

      I live in Madras, Oregon. Ever since i was a child i have suffered from overwhelming anxiety and nightmares, its hard to explain to doctors that medical marijuana is the only thing that will let me sleep an entire night without waking up, meanwhile keeping me calm during the day. how would i begin to look for a doctor in my area?


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        Hi Miss Poka
        Firstly you should familiarize yourself with Oregon medical marijuana laws. Then, if you can't find a personal recommendation (always the best) try asking Mr Google. And how about your family doctor, if he/she won't prescribe MMJ, maybe they know who will?