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Male plants w/ females

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  • Male plants w/ females

    I have a question regarding the proximity to which male plants will cause females to produce seeds. Is it possible to, instead of removing all males from your crop and buying new seeds, section a male and female on the other side of you grow room to get your seeds back form the single female at the end of your harvest. Or would you need to place the male and female pair in a seperate room from and the rest. Also would the seeds be as high quality as the seeds bought at a bank. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Possible but highly unlikely. I wouldn't risk it.
    Cannabis plants are very good at pollinating each other. The only safe way to ensure completely seed free weed is to remove your males from the room before they start to produce pollen.
    Read more about marijuana flowering here.


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      If the males are in the same room as the females they will pollinate them. Especially with the fans moving all that air about.
      But you don't have to keep buying new seeds. Why not choose a good female phenotype and clone her. Cloning marijuana ensures strain stability and enables you to keep a steady supply of young healthy plants for your grow room.