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    I am currently in scotland, a rather rainy and cold place, i was thinking about growing my first batch up here. Im still contemplating on what seed strain to get. I wish i could get some Sativa growing, but i think it wont work as space and smell is an issue. i was thinking about purple power, but i would love something that gives more of a happy sativa buzz.

    I know that i will probably have to buy lighting and grow inside, but what plant do you think would be best for low climate areas if i still want a good harvest, but not draw too much attention?

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    Hi Kev
    I am growing outdoors in Scotland this summer. Somewhere in the Central Belt.
    There are a few threads on this forum that might help you if you search about. Check this one -
    I'm going to be trying Holland's Hope, but have considered Power Plant as well.
    Have you decided what you are going to do yet?


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      It shouldn't be that difficult to grow in a cold climate long as your growing indoors. However, growing outdoors can be a little tricky.


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        I too live in a cooler climent, at 5000 ft. I have been growing indoors 4 a few years, and this summer, I am going to grow a few different strains Outdoors, and see how they do.

        I will probably bring them thru most of the veg stage, Outdoors. and wait till the weather starts getting to cold here, for them at night, (end of October) not wanting to risk frost bite. Then bring them Indoors, to bloom under 12/12 lighting. They will need good air circulation, but will do just fine finishing Indoors, if they don't get to tall.

        I will probably top them, at least once, maybe twice, to start them multi~branching, and keep them a~little shorter, so they will fit in my bloom area. So almost 4 months in veg. will give me a nice robust plant. I am also planting them in 10 gal. containers, so hopefully they will be pretty good size.

        I'm not worrying to much about the strain, cause I can always move them to, and from, a warmer location, like indoors, with a space heater, if the weather gets nasty from a storm, or to windy Outdoors, on towards the end of summer.
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