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  • trimming buds

    I ether trim to much or not enough, Has anyone got any pics before and after.

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    No pics, but I remove as much of fan and sugar leaves before drying. After drying but before I jar them for curing, I do a final trim to remove loose bits.
    I got a bit overwhelmed on last years Aurora crop and I just did a rough trim-biggest effect was it took a very long time to get rid of the green grass smell but if you snap open a bud it smells just like the manicured.


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      my mate got gorilla glue, and said he was about greeting and his hands were bloody numb, after trimming that, 3 pairs of scissors later... lol. I'm just crap at it ether take to much of or to little..


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        It's a matter of preference, and also depends if you're selling or just for you. If you're selling then you need to do a good job, punters don't like leaf. If it's just for you then take your foot off the stress pedal, the fan leaves are covered in crystal anyway. What you do with the trim makes a difference too. What do you do with yours?


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          I sell sell sell. I'm a greedy git lol. I take all the fan leaves of and trim the wee sugar leaves


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            ya just get rid of the sugar leaves