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Sexing my plants

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  • Sexing my plants

    My 5 plants are in week 7 of growth and I'm looking for the tell-tale signs of male/female plants, but I'm not seeing anything. Should I be concerned? I can see something that kinda sorta looks like a teeny tiny ball on my tallest plant, but that's about it.

    This is my first grow, so it's probably just my inexperience. You old hands could probably sex the plants in a few seconds.

    Sexing the plants has been my only real issue so far. The only other problem I've had was some nitrogen burn. The company I bought the seeds from said this particular strain needs lots of fertilizer. I got a bit too enthusiastic. As soon as I saw what was happening, I gave the plants a good flush and the rest of the growth is coming along nicely. I'm saying this is my "learning crop", so lesson learned...

    Thanks for any suggestions.


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    Hi David. Are these plants outdoors? If not, when did you flip the lighting to 12/12?
    If they are outdoors, they should have started to show by now. Have a good look at the nodes. Use a magnifier if it helps.
    Sexing does get easier with experience, but it would be pretty much impossible for us to help you without seeing photos.
    Check out the page on sexing here. Remember - balls = boys, tiny white hairs = girls.
    Let us know how it goes.


    • Paul2016
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      When should I start looking for the sex. I am on the 2nd week of growing and on 18 on 6 off on the lights.Should I change to 12/12 in about 2 weeks

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    Hi Paul. Flip to 12/12 when you think the plants are big enough. Remember that they may continue grow quite a lot after flipping. Depending on the strain you have they may double in size or more, so you need to leave enough room for that.
    Signs of sex will first show a week or two after flipping to 12/12.