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    So what do people think of this?
    It's a weird one and raises a couple of issues.
    Firstly I think it shows the absurdity of current cannabis legislation. CBD is the latest fashion here in the UK. You can get CBD products from all the major retailers as well as online. So business is allowed to grow cannabis and sell it legally, but people aren't. We have the situation where the husband of the prime minister is a major investor in GW Pharmaceuticals, the world's biggest exporter of cannabis, (grown in Cambidge!) Yet if I grow weed in my garden I am liable to prosecution. That's a racket.
    For me it also raises the issue that, as predicted by stoners since the 70s, with legalisation will come all the big businesses muscling in on the action. Legalisation is good as it makes no sense to criminalise such a benign activity, and yet the thought of the Coca Cola company selling cannabis drinks just boils my piss.
    What do you think?