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Marijuana and being dumb

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  • Marijuana and being dumb

    Haha! No Kidding. You mean that it doesn't make you stupid after all......?

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    "As attitudes change about cannabis use and cannabis use becomes a little bit more accepted in terms of policy and government regulation and medical cannabis use increases, I think we need to have a real understanding of the potential risks and benefits of cannabis use," Scott said.
    It would be nice to refute this argument with the arguments. Disputes a lot. Your opinion?


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      I think that makes total sense. Of course we should be more aware of potential risks and benefits. Knowledge is everything.


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        The generalization of an ardent maryjane smoker isn't complimenting: moderate, unmotivated, somewhat dulled by such weed. In any case, the science to back up this generalization is a long way from clear.

        Research is blended with respect to whether weed causes decreases in knowledge and working after some time. Creature studies and some mind filters in people give motivation to concern: Marijuana is psychoactive, and may cause auxiliary cerebrum changes. In individuals, weed's subjective impacts appear to last at any rate half a month after use, long after the individual quits inclination inebriated. Be that as it may, just a couple of studies have uncovered knowledge into whether pot brings down IQ in the long haul, and those examinations have returned clashing outcomes


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          A lot is strain specific. Some strains of weed make me very creative and set my mind racing at a million miles an hour.