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My friend is involved in a drug possession case

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  • My friend is involved in a drug possession case

    I am here on behalf of my friend. Looking for some advice.
    He had been to a party with his friends last week. His friends were carrying drugs in the car, which my friend was unaware about. While coming back after the party, cops caught them and they have arrested everyone for the possession of drugs, including my friend. I have to help him since I know that he is completely innocent. But I don’t know what to do.
    I am new to Canada and really unaware of the laws here. I read some information about it here, .
    I would like to know about this in detail. What is the first step to be taken in this situation? Should I hire a defence lawyer? Please help.

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    If they're all getting charged its cause no one is owning up to who it really belongs too. No one owns up to it then yes they all will be charged. Whoever actually owned the weed should grow a pair and say it was his weed so his buddies wont get charged.


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      Well said Katzie. Whoever's weed it was needs to take it on the chin. It's not such a big deal in Canada anyway is it?