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  • New way of counting - Liverpool UK

    Hi everyone. Interesting article from a local UK paper here.
    What makes it interesting, apart from the relatively light sentence, is that the police say because the plants were so young they can not estimate yield. A refreshingly new approach to the traditional method of counting the plants and multiplying it by a random and large number to calculate the 'street value'.
    Pretty enlightened by the Liverpool police and a much more realistic approach.

    I think she might be jumping the gun with her coffee shop idea though

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    Interesting read. I have been thinking about this very issue. Because I have recently set myself up a wee cloning room there are lots and lots of individual plants, although the basic output is not excessive. Last night I counted 33 individual plants. I hope the police in Scotland will be this enlightened if the worse ever comes to the worse. With a bit of patience I could probably get more out of 2 or 3 plants than I will out of all those little plants.