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  • Legalize or Decrimalize

    I myself have never or ever will agree with legalization, Decrimalization now thats a different thing altogether.Legalization is just another of controlling this plant like they have tryed todo for years, what always worrys me is if you give up your stealth and they then if time too come change there mind again then they gonna be coming knocking at your door, I for one will always stay underground for this reason i dont trust goverments and with there track record who can blame me. Lollipop UK

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    I agree 100%. I always saw the best future for cannabis being small networks surrounding home growers who grow for themselves and a few friends. By and large that is what we have now in the UK. I think legalization would just turn it all over to big business who would mess about with the product. Licensing, taxation, regulation... Bollocks to that!
    However, it is still bad news that I can get busted for growing a few plants and partaking of the weed. Decriminalization in the answer.


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      Atical 7 Human rights says that we should be able too participate in anything that does nt harm or affect others or oneself.


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        I love meeting like minded people who love the plant as much as i do, i have been passionate about this plant for more than 30 years and have seen so many good things it has done but it has always been portrade as an evil plant that can make a man forsake queen & country and turns normal folk into murdering raping Psycopaths and it was all introduced too us by them Coloured folk and the Espanick people and thats why your wife and children are not safe anymore because of CANNABIS LMFAO


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          Hi Lollipop,
          I couldn't agree with you more about legalizing cannabis. I my self don't trust the government look at all the lies that they have told Native American's throughout history as well as the many other races that they have lied to. Shit look at all the Nazi scientist that they had brought to America and changed there names and pardoned them of all the crimes they committed well working for Hitler just so they could get the same technology. I personally say that yea the government will legalize it tax the hell out of it but there will be a catch such as since we now have race recognition software that there will be cameras all up in the shops that sell cannabis legally so that big brother can catch a picture or everyone that comes in to buy legally and create a database that they will keep and use once the government goes oh ok were out of debt we got extra cash in our pocket now lets pass a law to stop the legalization then once they do this they will fall to there big ass data base of everyone that has bought bud over the course of the legalization and start doing raids on these people and watching them and end up spending millions of dollars again for court fees and so forth. I for one will never give up my stealth growing even if it does become legalized and I for one don't trust the government and never will.


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            Editing a comment
            And would like too say that there have been over 100 deaths in police custody over the past 3 decades and not 1 policeman has been held accountable here in the UK land of the free my arse lmfao

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          What do you guys think would be needed for the federal government to recognize decriminalization? I ask because I read a story this morning about some organizations in Washington that are suing shops under racketeering laws. If the federal government decriminalizes, then the opposition to marijuana no longer has a leg to stand on.