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  • Hello, I'm Lizzie

    I decided to grow this seed hydroponically. I started it yesterday.
    It is lemon skunk, feminized seed and I started her in the aerogarden (AG) that I had for growing cherry tomatoes (quite successfully in fact).

    I realize that many people think the AG is crap and a waste of seed and energy (mine and the city's), but that is the set up I have and that is what I am doing.

    I started a grow vlog in YouTube:

    My first grow was in soil, in a cabinet in the house I had and I yielded half ounce of pot. Now that I am in an apartment I am looking for someplace more "stealthy". I've been looking at people's set up on YouTube and some have their grow opps in cardboard boxes (Mr420) and others in huge enclosed fully functioning wardrobes (GrowDaddy). I think I will use an existing cabinet that is 36 inches tall and about as wide.

    So, glad I found this site, looking forward to all the great advice from all of you experienced friends and fellow tokers.

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    Looking good Lizzie. I'm keen to see your Vlog experiment unfold.
    Couple of comments. Firstly, 8 weeks is the flowering time, that is counted from the time that you start to flower your plants, not from planting the seed, you will have a couple of weeks as a seedling and vegging to take into account first.
    And secondly, the space looks quite small for a full grown Lemon Skunk. You might want to consider putting it on to flower very early as this plant will stretch a lot during its 8 weeks of flowering.
    Hope this helps