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  • I'm a new grower

    Hello. I just started growing for the first time a month ago. One of my local dispensaries was having a grand opening special this 1st of June on Gorilla Glue G4 clones for a penny apiece. They weren't the prettiest of the bunch but I figured for a penny each I wouldn't have much to lose if they died on me. I have them planted in Earthgrow boxes in my backyard and have been collecting and using rainwater for them. I just started feeding them a couple of weeks ago with an organic veg tea I make. I made it with rainwater, peat humus compost, earthworm castings, liquid kelp, and molasses. My plants are not up taking a lot of water, which is surprising to me because we're in the 80s and 90s here. One of my plants is flowering but the leaves are turning yellow. I made another batch of tea using distilled water and added water-soluble orchid bloom booster to the tea, 11-35-15. Is this going to be okay to give them?
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    Hi Cannaberry. Welcome.
    G4 clones at a penny a piece! Now you're talking!
    Your weed looks just fine. They will tell you when they are thirsty so I wouldn't worry about that.
    Be careful not to over feed them. Your feed sounds fine, but I would just be giving them a wee bit at a time and watching to see how they react.
    The yellowing is not too clear in the picture. I found that a google image search of yellow cannabis leaves will enable you to find a picture that exactly matches what you are seeing there.