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  • Few Pointers and Some Advice

    Hey Everyone,

    I'm new here, obviously. I just recently started about a month ago. I made the mistake of drowning the sprouts, so now I have these really long, weak-looking things, but otherwise, they seem to be doing fine. I want to say I remember reading something that said cut off the little leaves under the "main" leaves to help it grow better. Is that correct?

    Here's the deal: I don't really know what I'm doing, but someone suggested I get a 5 gallon bucket for my first time, just pour in some potting soil, push the seeds in, throw some saran wrap on top, put a UV lamp on it, and let it grow. I'm having some luck, other than when I over-watered. I'm definitely concerned about that, but I don't believe there's much I can do at this point. The plants seem fine, if a little wimpy. My real questions: Will they be fine? Is there anything else I absolutely should be doing at this stage?

    Thanks guys!

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    Hey Doodeehammer Welcome.
    First thing to say is that over watering is THE biggest newbie error. Ease up a bit on the watering and don't go feeding until your plant is big and strong.
    What gives me cause for concern about your post is the "UV lamp". Can you give more information about this. I suspect this is why your plant is thin and weak looking. Your plant will need some decent light, especially when it starts to flower.
    How many hours per day is your light on for?
    Don't worry about removing any leaves. You're a long way away from that. I suggest that you read as much as you can from this site. All the info you need is here.


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      Hey Mod Man!

      Thanks for the response!

      Yeah, it's just a standard plant lamp. I went to Home Depot and got a little–I think they call it a–work lamp. It's got a clamp on it, and a hood-type thing and supports a 60-watt bulb. Then I got a bulb that emits ultraviolet light, like the sun.

      By the way, is this forum safe? I mean, I'm risking a minimum of 14 years just got growing a plant. Am I responsible for my probably, or do you Mods have anything to do with that?