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Newbie needs more help!!!!!

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  • Newbie needs more help!!!!!

    Hi again from tropical Australia. I used to grow under lights 20 years ago. Had that all covered. This growing outdoors is causing some confusion!
    Here we are, 2 months down the track and still not sure what's going on. Post one 2 months ago is here if your interested -

    Pic 1 shows the growth of both plants that were in the initial post. As can be seen, the small one on the left has done nothing, where as the one one on the right has. But not as much as I expected in 2 months.
    Pic 2 shows the main stem ( that appears to be going to head ? ) and in the past 2 weeks, a large branch has come out and grown bigger than the main stem. There are a further 2 branches coming out from the bottom??
    Pic 3 shows what is happening to the main stem.
    Pic 4 is a pic of the plant that has not changed one bit in 3 months!!!
    If anyone know what is going on, and any advice as to how to proceed, I would be extremely appreciative. Thanks again for your previous responses

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    Can't explain it. The big one looks fab though. The side branching is unusual but probably just natural propagation as you might do in the garden with serpentine layering.
    I would just leave them to grow and see what happens.