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  • Hi Everyone

    Been growing as an amateur for a little while, but moved to the southeast U.S and this is my third effort here. Started with four seedlings in homemade hydroponics from stray seeds I picked up along the way, in a small greenhouse outdoors. One of the plants was a male, got rid of it. Another one started to flower at three weeks and by the time it got to 7 weeks, I noticed telltale signs of caterpillars and harvested right away. Still have two remaining, one is in full flower and looks like it will be ripe in about two or three weeks. The other one is just starting to flower and looks like it won’t be ready until late October maybe. Here are some pics from when I started around July 1 until now.
    8/19 8/19 Sept 1

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    As you probably noticed I had to remove the greenhouse because the plants got too big.


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      Amazing! This looks really good. Are you in a place that is good to grow outdoors until Late October?


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        Yes, the weather here stays pretty warm well into October. I just started to harvest the second plant leaving just one plant for October. I am loving my grow, done with "stray" seeds.


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          Harvested the second plant last week. Weighed out to 145 grams. First plant weighed out to 35 grams. Last plant still going strong, looks like it will be a good producer.