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Blue Amnesia xxl...outdoors.

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  • Blue Amnesia xxl...outdoors.

    So I have been growing a blue amnesia auto. It has been outside in direct sunlight on a second floor balcony. Balcony face south and is on west end of building, I get approximately 12 or so hours of direct sunlight. Been growing outside since it was about 4 inches tall. I topped it at three leaves and it is now a 28 inch tall bush. Buds are about an inch or so tall and starting to show white crystals. Does this mean it should be done in about a month? Buds started growing at the beginning of July, been outside since beginning of May.... thanks for any replies.

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    Dinafem say that the flowering period for this plant is about 11 weeks. You should start counting from when you first noticed signs of flowering. If that was the start of July then she won't be ready until some time in early September.
    Although the calendar will give you an indication, the best way to tell when to harvest is to keep a good eye on the trichomes. Check out this article on when to harvest.


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      Thank you, and thank you for that link.