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  • cannabisaurus
    started a topic How's it going - just signed up

    How's it going - just signed up

    Hey everyone, I just finished registering and now I want to make my presence known.

    I'm growing a few different strains this summer - Early Miss auto, ATF, G-13, bagseed, seedlings, clones, reveges, indoors, outdoors. Something to do.

    I have two trades in electronics - one military and one from college, both from deep in my past - and a B.Sc in Environmental Biology from less deep in my past. I place a lot of emphasis on having a good education or training; it does good for a person.

    I work at a salmon hatchery for an international aquaculture company. Busy days for me, and we compost our dead fish so I get some real good compost every spring.

    I'm into crafts like carving hiking sticks and tying trout and salmon flies and I've been known to make some pretty impressive knives. I make mother of pearl cameos using abalone shells for my raw material. I'll try anything once. Right now I'm doing a carving using a piece of scrap aluminum and a needle file. One of the girls at work is fascinated with it - I do it during my breaks - so I'm giving it to her when I'm done. I'm doing her initial right now.

    One of my cats is a pothead, Little fucker gets at them every chance she gets. Ate my ATF clone this morning when I was at work, she did. And I think that's where a blob of homemade oil went a couple months ago.

    Anyways, I'll get an avatar, a signature and a grow journal on the go and I'll see you around.

  • Saturnalia
    Hey. Welcome. Nice to have you here.
    I like to keep myself busy too. Am always making stuff. Mostly glass art and stuff from unusual pieces of wood. I also like to make electronic music. But as you say, I'll try anything once!
    Looking forward to seeing your grow diary when you get it going.

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