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  • JayTheGreat
    started a topic New Member Here

    New Member Here

    Hey guys,

    Iím new to the forum. Iíve decided to become a first time grower. Iím also a part of the medical community. I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. I was hoping to get a lot of helpful information from the community to help me with my first grow. Iíve decided to buy the 3x3x6 grow tent kit from GreenBox Grow. Do you guys have any suggestions on strains for a first time grower? Of course because of my condition I donít touch Sativas at all. Well not on purpose. Iím looking for some Indica and Indica mostly strains to grow. Any help would be appreciated guys!!! Happy growing!!!!

  • Schmokin
    Hi Jay. Welcome to the forum.
    I'd say that Northern Light would be a good choice. Easy to find, easy to grow, reliable results and a nice relaxing stone. It?s also quite low odour on the grow room which is handy of you have neighbours who ae not so cool about weed.
    ANybody else got some good sugestions for Jay?

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