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  • HydroDWC Ban

    Hi Guys. Just to let you know that HydroDWC has been banned. It turns out he works for Mars LED in China and has been offering forum members free lights in return for grow diaries.
    Pretending to be a regular grower and lying about what you are doing is very sneaky and not wanted on this forum.
    It is important that the forum is populated by real people sharing real information and not business people pushing their products. There's plenty of that elsewhere on the web.
    If you managed to get some free lights from him, then good for you! Haha! That will teach him. Carry on with your diaries if you wish, but please do not link out to Mars LED.

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    bloody missed out again lol.. good on you I like having good honest opinions,


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      Nice one. He offered me lights. I would have skanked him for them too, but he kept ignoring my subsequent messages. Then all that bullshit about being sold the wrong nutes and having to scrap his grow. Just shows you eh. Can't trust anything you read.....
      The whole point of a forum is that it's real people, not companies. Thanks for weeding him out (pun intended)


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        weeding him out lol... Who grassed him.