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From flower to veg?

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  • Mikelee
    started a topic From flower to veg?

    From flower to veg?

    Hi all, long time smoker first time forem. Lol first time in door growing. I picked up a stump from a friend's last harvest. It has plenty of green leafs left on it. Can it be coaxed in to turning back to its vegetation state? I would like to get starts out of her.

  • Schmokin
    Hi Mike, Welcome to the forum.
    In answer to your question, yes it can. I have had some big success with this method in the past. However it's not guaranteed and it might take some time.
    Put it under lights on 20/4 and wait. It could be a couple of month. At first the growth might seem weird and you may get some single fingered leaves that don't even look like marijuana. If this happens, you're on the right track, hang in there.
    Meanwhile, maybe ask your friend for a cutting of a plant that is in veg. It will be much quicker.

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