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    Hello everyone! I just wanted to introduce myself and my site. I'm covering the medical marijuana situation in Colorado at Boulder Medical Marijuana. Feel free to stop by and say hello!
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    Hey - the Colorado situation is a bit fluid to say the least! Look forward to hearing the updates. Perhaps the admin could use some of your info on the site?

    What do you think, admin?
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      Hello everyone, local medical marijuana is as follow 1.find a medical marijuana doctor who can able to solve your problems.& also u need a medical marijuana card.


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        There are lots of country where marijuana is taken as a raw drug, but now a days there are lots of new ways invented by people through which marijuana is taken as an intake


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          Hope, where people can see the affected elderly patients marijuana will help the cause. Pretty sad that my Government considers it as a victory ... The more they pull shit like that, unless I'm proud I served this country.


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            Originally posted by sarahwilliam
            pls suggestion need for more local marijuana blogs.
            It depends the area you are most interested in. Some specialize in Vaporizing, and others in other areas. If I understand correctly you want links to blogs? try looking through the links here: Vapor Trail It has links to a dozen Medical Marijuana Blogs and forums. I like Grass City for it's general informative attitude. But look at all of them. The Blog/forum I use the most personally concentrates on Vaporizing Medical MJ.
            Hope this is what you were asking.


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              I believe in the future that medical marijuana are legal everywhere, it's simply a matter of your time