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Trying to find info on proper harvesting and mould problems

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  • Trying to find info on proper harvesting and mould problems

    Hello, just trying to get informed about proper harvesting times / methods and issues with mould / or degradation...not having much luck adding photos, but I'll try again:
    Dark light conditions so not the best clear images.......

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    It's hard to see properly from the pictures, but if you have bud rot you need to act immediately. Bud rot (botrytis) starts deep within the bud. By the time yo see it on the outside the infestation is well under way and your whole crop is at risk.
    Here's what you need to do.
    Remove the affected buds and any surrounding material very carefully. Make sure the fans are off when you remove the material and handle them carefully so as not to spread the spores. If possible bag the material straight away to reduce risk of spreading. Be sure to change your clothes and wash your hands well straight after handling. Spores spread very very easily. Don't be tempted to smoke any of the affected bud, smoking this fungus is very bad for your health.
    If the grow is close to its end I would be tempted to harvest the clean bud now rather than risk losing it to the mould.
    Once clear you need to think about how this happened to avoid future infestations. This is mostly caused by poor ventilation. Increase the ventilation in the room and invest in a humidity meter if you don't already have one. They're not expensive.. Make sure the plants have lots of space within the structure. If the strain you are growing is a particularly heavy cropper or has lots of foliage, consider removing some of the fan leaves and opening up the canopy with some LST or supercropping.
    As for the best time to harvest, have a read of this.

    Hopefully you don't have bud rot and this is all just useful information for the future, but your posts suggests you think you have
    Good luck, let us know how you get on with it.