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Hello Big Time Newbie - medical use

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  • Hello Big Time Newbie - medical use

    I have just ordered from a Canadian Licenced grower ( have licence to grow) a indica clone that is very high CBD. Now that I have pretty much no budget and my plan is to grow the clones in to mother plants and then take clones and grow in soil. I have to it everything slowly so will just get a veg grow light for the purchased clones and then, find somewhere to buy nutrients possibly local garden shop? Then a PH tester and finally a light for flowering.... going to grow in pots in spare bathroom. Does this plan make sense and What am I missing? I have read so much my head is swimming....

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    Welcome, Ellen.
    I'm assuming that you'll be growing indoors. My advice is to try and lay out your growing area(lights, fans, plants) and see if every thing fits.