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    Hi Friends, I am an outdoor grower and advisor. I am looking for green healthy practices that protect the local environment and help maintain balance in the garden ecosystem.

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    HI Darbaby
    Not sure if it's what you mean, but I do know that nettle tea is an effective feed during veg and comfrey tea is good for flowering. Nice organic fertilisers which can be grown and made in the garden.


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      Hey D! Outdoorsy kinda guy here too. Love this time in the season. All the ladies are gearing up to grow tall in the next month. Luv to help anywhere I can as well.


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        HI Darbabay. Welcome to the forum. Great question! A lot of the information about cannabis out there revolves around intensive growing and maximising yields. Unless you are a commercial grower there's no need. It's easy to grow more than enough weed for personal consumption without resorting to too many synthetic chemicals. Not only that, in my experience people are tempted to over feed their plants and end up with less not more!
        Here's an interesting article on companion planting for cannabis which may be of interest to you.
        What about yourself? What effective green practices can you share with us?