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Indoors- fan leaves are cupping UPWARDS?

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  • Saturnalia
    Hi Garin, welcome to the forum.
    Hard to say without pics or knowing more about the growing conditions, but you should know that the stomata of the leaves are on the underside, upwards cupping will be the plant trying to open the stomata, either to take in more CO2 or to release moisture. Is it possible that the plant is too humid or does not have enough fresh air?
    Tell us a bit about where the plant is growing and what the conditions are; Light, temp, humidity, strain, size etc.. The more info the better.

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  • Garin barnett
    started a topic Indoors- fan leaves are cupping UPWARDS?

    Indoors- fan leaves are cupping UPWARDS?

    Hey all I'm new to the forum but I'm a new grower as well. I've got experience growing farm crops and I'm teaching myself the arts of marijuana cultivation. I've got a strong green thumb and desire to know all I can learn. That being said off to business...
    My indoor plants have had the fan leaves that sit closest to each branches tip top bud and the main kola buds have 2 nodes down worth of their fan leaves doin weird stuff and I can't find any seemingly reliable literature. The leaves are curling or cupping UPWARDS from the edges and tips. They haven't gotten worse and the leaves are still green and they aren't drying and crumbling... I need wisdom!