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Still Alive - My Fight against Hepatic Carcinoma (Stage 4 liver cancer)

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  • Still Alive - My Fight against Hepatic Carcinoma (Stage 4 liver cancer)

    Hey everybody! Some of you know me, I'm 52 years old, had my medical rec for cannabis since 1997, right after the law was first passed here in california. I've been a member of several different forums over the years, beginning with overgrow, have done some experimental pollen chucking. Mainly the last year or so i've been trying to get as many high cbd, high thc plants together and start growing them, I was on a 44% total cannabanoid high cbd oil that managed to drop my cancer marker (afp) from a high of 22518 to a low of 1517, within just a couple of months. but it took between 3 and 4 grams of whole plant extract a day to do that, which neither I nor the company providing it to me could afford to pay (they needed 10 bucks a gram to cover expenses, etc., they had been providing it to me for taxes and cost of shipping, usually around 120-140 bucks a month for 120 grams of oil) when cali passed the new regulations their supply of flowers dried up overnight. anyway, I've been blessed SO VERY MUCH by my friends, i've got as far as mother plants going so far candyland, platinum og kush, jilly bean, orgnkids banana og, blue dream (santa cruz cut), and blue mediberry f3 (kinetic genetics), got seeds cracked of some canna tsu x sour tsunami made by a good friend, sour tsunami 2, ringo's gift from southern humboldt seed collective, purple chem d, and then the old school stuff - i'm in on a seed preservation project going on, got 6 packs of seeds ranging from 1965 mexican haze x highland thai to others all across the spectrum - when i get more info on them, and get more (getting more to crack, yahoo!!) I'll give you guys the lowdown. somethings i cant talk about - but then again, that's why I get seeds like these - #1, I don't give them away, i grow them out, and #2 - if you don't want me saying anything about what you give me, It'll never see the light of day. period.

    The purple chem d is purple diesel (dpd x ecsd) x "golden" pheno of chem d? the sour tsunami x canna tsu i believe were tested at less than .3% thc, 14% and maybe 17% cbd's, can't remember exactly. Got a bunch more seeds to go thru, a bunch on the way. My cancer level, since losing access to the oil, has got back up to almost 7000 now (6686 i believe, or 6886, something like that - in less than 2 months time), just started making my own oil, will post up some stuff on my grow, (organic, soil, indoor/outdoor, mh/hps/led/t5's) and my location and stuff coming up. Much love, fellas, keep the faith. I am in this for life itself - from being able to grow all these different strains to the fact that I'd have been dead, by the end of june or july, of 2015, if it wasn't for whole plant extracts. Keeping these plants healthy is what eventually gets me up, when i am so tired and weak, sick to my stomach (these days have been better, but the tiredness is always a constant, as the disease gets worse, so does my stamina).

    Cannabis cures cancer, and a lot of other things, in the right strengths, for the right amount of time - but if you aren't taking whole plant extracts for WHATEVER it is you are trying to cure, you are just wasting material and your time. its a fact, from one who knows, without a shadow of a doubt. Phoenix tears, rick simpson oil, whole plant extract, whatever you want to call it - i call it life giving medicine.

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    Hi Phil. Great to hear from you. Glad you're back getting access to your oil. Welcome to the forum. Looking forward to hearing more from you.