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    Hello Schmokin and everyone. Mucho Gusto, it is very nice to meet you and everyone affiliated or associated with the appropriately named site, I LOVE TO GROW MARIJUANA. I have essentially finished off the harvest from the growing season and am assembling a new hydroponic system to put inside my grow room. Although I have been growing for many years, I am just starting up again after a couple of years.

    The grow tent is roughly 4' X 8'. I got a hold of a heavy duty trash can that is serving as my reservoir that feeds a tube inside the tent to a control bucket that uses a float valve that can be adjusted to set the water/nutrient levels in all of the other DWC buckets. One of the biggest mistakes I made was to grow too many at one time.

    Not only were they all ready to harvest at essentially the same time, I let my clones grow out of control. Now I am cloning the clones and I have a couple of feminized Cheese germinating. I also have a couple different strains in transit. I like to grow Sativa-dominant strains during the natural growing season. I am going with mostly Indica-dominant inside the grow tent.

    I already had the duct work from that sucks out the air and blows it the outside. I used a greenhouse and had a secret garden when the climate was cooperative.

    I will get into all of that, but for now, hello everyone. My friends call me Kris, which works out very well as that is my name. In 2006. Hurricane Ivan blew into the northeast US and stalled directly over my house. Copious rainfall sent water rushing down the hill I live on, but not before filling my basement with 3 and a half feet of water. My very first hydroponic system, along with the furnace, oil tanks, a big freezer, washer and dryer were ruined. It would figure that I had remodeled the basement and made it into living area or a place to send the kids when they were all hyped up on sugar. All of it is gone now.

    I have fixed the problem that led to the disaster and have no plans on remodeling again, but I have found a nice place for the grow tent. I have a lot of resources and live in a home that is virtually invisible during summer when the foliage is thick. I have a new 1000-600-400 adjustable MH/HPS light centered in the tent. I also have 1 400 watt HPS, 3 100 watt HPS, and 1 400 watt MH light. Furthermore, I have 1 1200 watt LED, 900 watt. 3 300 watt. and 1 75 watt LED light. The nursery has assorted lighting and is anchored by the bright white spiral fluorescent bulbs. I have hose and PVC fittings and adapters. A timer will initiate a pump that sends nutrients to each independent unit (any bucket can be removed, repaired and replaced without disrupting the entire system.

    I am a writer and a certified fitness trainer. I type very fast and can spit out a novel when I get going, so my apologies in advance for any long post that should have been three. I will be married 23 years on my next anniversary. I only have one kid still in high school out of three children. I used to write and appear in TV commercials as the CEO of a mortgage company.

    I travel extensively and want a second home in southwestern Florida. I have spent a lot of time in the Caribbean and Mexico. I have never made it to Europe, but I have plans for it very soon. We are going back to Costa Rica in January. I can speak Spanish well enough to communicate with the native people.

    I am an artist, I play keyboard, and I am a scholar with an advanced education. Despite several back surgeries, I have never been in better health. I don't drink much and stay away from opiates and other drugs common to people with an unstable self-esteem. I forgive and have been forgiven. I believe everything happens for a reason and that we are all nothing much more than energy living in an energy field, inside another energy field. I do believe that there is a creator or intelligent design. I call God Jehovah, as that is how it translates in the original Hebrew Scriptures. I have done a comprehensive study of the Holy bible and have been told that I had a spontaneous Kundalini awakening in 2004 according to a spiritual healer. I don't know about all of that, but something paranormal did happen to me on May 4th, 2004 @ 2 AM that changed my life together.

    That is me...There is plenty to come. I need to smoke a bowl and get my ass to bed-Pura Vida

    Think Well, Live Well