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  • Greetings All

    Hello to all. Just wanted to introduce myself to the community.
    Been an avid out door gardener for many years now. I have never grown cannabis up to now I have grown many other plants and have successfully propagated and cloned many of them. Back in Late August I started cloning some of my vegie garden to get ready for next year this was my 1st attempted at hyro. Started in an old dresser with a T5 a DIY DWC set up my go to cloning powder and some nutes. Sure as shit it works so much faster and cleaner than my out door side projects. So a friend says you got yo up grade and go for cannabis. So I am hooked just love what I am doing. My current set up is: 4x4x7 tent, Nanolux OG1000 dimable ballast, 1000Wat MH, 1000Wat HPS, 6'' Raptor hood, Max Fan Pro with a day night temp controller. And still running the dresser set up, cloning and using for young plant veg. I will try and get some pics. up loaded soon. I look forward to learning and sharing.
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    It is my only child at the moment, think I am going to start 12/12 this weekend


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      Looks nice...


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        Welcome Dirtdoc. Look forward to seeing how you do. We could do with seeing some more hydro grows.
        I'm very tempted to try hydro but am sticking with soil for now.